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Recent discoveries have helped us to uncover a tiny fraction of how man has evolved over the years. Increasingly the question arises as to whether some of the most terrible diseases have evolved to save us. Under this category, it is possible that the actual cardiovascular disease, which has claimed so many lives has been developed to enable our evolution. According to Dr Linus Pauling, he felt that this was the case and that it had developed to fight scurvy, a condition caused by a lack of vitamin C.

While scurvy was characterised by the breakdown of connective tissue, thus leading to weakening gums and such like, our bodies evolved to protect us from this by accumulating especially Lipoprotein A from the fats and proteins that we ate. This lipoprotein acted as protection for the arterial walls which would have weakened as a result of the deficiency of vitamin C. However, although it was a cure for this disease , it is now a carrier of cholesterol that binds to blood clots, thus leading to cardiovascular disease.

Lipoprotein A can thus not only repair blood vessels, but when produced in excess can cause blockage of the arteries. Hence the solution to cardiovascular disease is not to eradicate cholesterol as that is impossible. This is because not only has cholesterol always been produced, but it is absorbed by the liver through bile and eventually passes through the bloodstream, being essential in the maintenance of blood vessels.

There are two types of lipoproteins, LDL (low density lipoprotein) which carries cholesterol to the arterial wall, and HDL (high density lipoprotein) that carries cholesterol in the arteries, the latter being the `good’ type of cholesterol. In cardiovascular disease the clogged arteries are caused by an oxidised form of cholesterol. It is in this situation that Vitamins A, C and E, acknowledged as anti-oxidants and essential substances are employed to fight the excessive levels of cholesterol.

A deficiency of vitamin C can cause an increase in blood levels of cholesterol, LDL, triglycerides, lipoprotein A and reduced the level of HDL or healthy cholesterol. Furthermore, an essential enzyme is produced that converts cholesterol into bile.

Vitamin C is therefore responsible for the repair and maintenance of the arteries.

Therefore, could it be a coincidence that there are  less incidences of cardiovascular diseases in the spring and summer, the same periods where there are higher intakes of vitamin C?

Another substance that can be or is more dangerous than cholesterol, and responsible for at least 15% of all heart attacks and strokes is Homocysteine . This is an intermediate by-product produced when the body metabolises methionine, an essential amino acid. There is a high level of Methionine in e.g  Beef, Eggs, Highly Processed foods and Cheese. This Methionine then transforms to homocysteine which in turn is decomposed into cysteine or reverts back to methionine, both substances being benign and essential to life.

For these processes to occur, you need a regular intake of folic acid and vitamins B6 and B12, a lack of which produces an increased level of homocysteine. A high level of homocysteine may cause:

1)      Coronary Heart Disease

2)      Strokes

3)      Peripheral Vascular Disease

Therefore Vitamin supplements  B12, B6 and folic acid which are inexpensive are useful in such cases. Research in this area is very limited as it does not provide sufficient commercial benefits as compared to cholesterol hence its very rarely discussed.

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