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Very few people are born Insomniacs. When we are born our sleep patterns as babies maybe erratic but as we age we tend to establish our own, some depending on more and other’s less sleep. Sleep is an important function as it allows us to rest our bodies, and just as important to reconcile information that we have collected throughout the day and process it, in meaningful way within our subconscious minds.

Insomnia, if not genetic, is normally a symptom of a more underlying problem, the result of which our bodies have shifted from what we were to a new state, of what we are now with the side effect of Insomnia. Similar to depression, the two of which are often linked; at a cellular level there has been an alteration of the cells as the environment they are in has altered.

With Insomnia being such a common problem, as evidenced by the increase in prescribed sleeping tablets over the years, these in the long term are not a good idea, as first and foremost many are habit forming, but more importantly they don’t tend to give you a good night’s sleep. Many have reported that the sleep is not `fresh’ and that they feel lethargic or drowsy the following day. This is because they work on the pathways and artificially induce sleep but don’t treat the underlying cause. Consultation with a sleep therapist is a better option as you may be able to get deep down into the cause, but this can be time consuming and depends heavily on the skill of the therapist.

Our aim at Akashic is to give the right frequencies so that the cells are aware of their `natural’ state, and as they are constantly being surrounded in this way, then would alter in such a direction. Once these cells alter in this way, the vicious cycle of insomnia can be alleviated as the patient feels that they are getting more sleep than they were before, and the fear of not sleeping is dissipated. As confidence increases that sleep will be attained, the panic, fear and all other negative emotions which can make your body acidic and worsen the insomnia are lifted and a healthy lifestyle can be attained.


At the Akashic Science Centre, we provide a wide range of health care services to patients, from routine check ups to full treatments.

Our Therapists work under the supervision of Dr Nuno Nina to provide high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

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