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Integrative Medicine

We as human beings are complex individuals living in an environment that is constantly changing, adding to that complexity even further. However,  although states are in a constant change of flux certain fundamentals remain certain, the laws of nature for instance. We observe these phenomena and based on current scientific facts rationalise them into concepts that we can understand and use. These concepts are changing as human knowledge changes e.g  for centuries, the earth was deemed to be flat, or the sun revolved around the earth; but as we conducted more experiments the data did not match the hypothesis. Hence human opinion or subjectivity alters, so although what may seem `normal’ or certain today, may not be tomorrow. In the words of C J Keyser: `Absolute certainty is a privilege of uneducated minds and fanatics.’

Today’s medicine has made great leaps and advances by following the scientific method in trying to understand nature and its own set of rules, and the benefits to be gained by aligning with nature as best we can. However as complex persons in a complex environment there are many factors interchanging that lead us to be the way we are today. The world is not one dimensional but multi dimensional and we should think accordingly. For example, a persons state of health at a particular moment in time is determined by his/her psychology, the people around him, his/her environment, the foods he/she eats and so on; so by giving a tablet you are treating a multidimensional problem with a one dimensional solution, hence the variability of results i.e some it helps more and some less.

So with integrative medicine, we try and objectify using technology these different dimensions. As each individual is UNIQUE,  we therefore analyse the individual emotionally and physically in terms of the foods that are suitable for him/her and the current state of his/her body from a cellular to an organ level and look at the interaction of these factors, thereby giving the person the opportunity to do the correct things so that they can improve themselves. Furthermore using electric fields which are a part of human nature we treat the condition.

This approach of giving knowledge to the person to improve him or herself alongwith treatment that is non invasive and natural means that the imbalances that have occurred in the person can be rectified and one can be brought into a more favoured state of equilibrium. A person is therefore more in balance with nature.

At the Akashic Science Centre, we provide a wide range of health care services to patients, from routine check ups to full treatments.

Our Therapists work under the supervision of Dr Nuno Nina to provide high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

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