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Pain Relief/ Sports Injury

Statistically, according to the World Health Organization, chronic pain inflicts 30% of the global population.

Medically, being such a subjective condition, pain can be caused by a multiple of factors and its symptoms can affect the quality of life. It can alter the mood, appetite and sleep of the patient, causing a breakdown of the immune system, and leading to both physical and psychological stress.

Conditions such as Arthritis, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches and Neuropathic Pain can prevent a patient from experiencing a normal life. He or She may not sleep well, and maybe unabl;e to work or relate socially.

Pain is among the greatest cause of suffering among patients!

Treatment Options

Allopathically, when a patient is suffering from a form of pain, the typical prescriptions are painkillers, anti-inflammatory drugs, or in stronger cases opoid based analgesics. These are given without any research into the cause of pain.

At Akashic, with the advent of new technology, a program has been developed to help identify the source of pain and to treat it.

1)      Timewaver Frequency

This is an innovative piece of equipment used to treat acute pain, arthritis and muscular problems. By using very specific frequencies and amplitudes, these have a precise action on pain relief producing effective and astonishing results.

2)      The Nanopulse System

This is a Magnetic Resonance and Multiple Amplitude regenerating medical device.  It works by regenerating the cell membrane, as it’s the loss of cell membrane tension that is the cause of all chronic diseases. By regenerating it you provide an end to chronic pain.

3)      Dietary Supplemetation

To assist synergistically with the above treatment we have devised a product called GEGEN, which is one of the latest in a generation of dietary supplements, with properties that help fight inflammation, give pain relief and promote the recovery of joints and cartilage.

Another product is DETOX. This is a smart dietary supplement that helps to detoxify the body in order to cleanse toxins and blood fats. It also has diuretic, depurative and anti-inflammatory properties, all without having any ingredients that may cause `acceleration’ of the metabolism or excitation  of the nervous system.

At the Akashic Science Centre, we provide a wide range of health care services to patients, from routine check ups to full treatments.

Our Therapists work under the supervision of Dr Nuno Nina to provide high-quality care at a reasonable cost.

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