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Weight Loss

Eating food is a pleasure as we all understand, to some more than others. It is through the stomach and intestinal tract that the body breaks down our food into its constituents and absorption takes place. To aid in the peristaltic movement of the gastro-intestinal system it is important to consume foods high in fibre such as fruits, vegetables, cereals and bread, but it’s also important to MOVE.

The only way to lose weight is you expend more calories than you take in. A 15 to 20 minute walk per day can be the ideal solution if done briskly. Other factors that help are:

1)      Avoid eating large meals
The ideal way to eat is by consuming small amounts of food several times a day. Never more than three hours without a snack.

2)      Do not snack!
If you feel like snacking, drink water with our DETOX product, and you will see that the feeling will pass.

3)       Eat a good breakfast
Never fail to eat well in the morning, and always include natural fruit. Furthermore, EAT SLOWLY, as it’s important to chew your food thoroughly.

4)      Avoid salt
Foods rich in salt cause fluid retention, so may result in a body with a swollen aspect. You should pay particular attention to this issue if you have cellulite.

5)      Do not eat large quantities after 18:00
Our body consumes less calories at night as this is a resting period. You should therefore not eat large portions too late in the evening, and should ideally choose to make a light meal for dinner, like a soup or salad. 

6)      Do not drink alcohol or carbonated drinks
Alcohol and soft drinks do not bring any benefit to the body and are highly fattening. Drink lots of water and natural juices instead.

7)      Avoid sweets
Try avoid consuming sweets directly, rather select sweets with fruits, like apple pie or orange cake.

This advice, if adhered to, along with certain vitamin supplementation and a good anti-oxidant will assist in any weight loss regime. We at Akashic Clinics have a range of supplementation to help in such matters.

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